Jini Customisation

After experimenting, improving, and using the same strap every day for one and a half year, I am thrilled to introduce Jini strap confidently to a wider audience.

To my own surprise, as someone who once embarked on a 16-month challenge of wearing no repeated outfits, I have now created something that I happily use every day, and it surprisingly complements most of my outfits.

This journey can be called "changes," "growth," or "exploration," but I prefer to see it as "knowing myself better," aligning with the philosophy we hold dear at K/D (Korek Deeper, in case you're unfamiliar).

While I may not have all the answers yet, I have a clear understanding of what I don't want and dislike. I despise bag straps that are mere afterthoughts, even when they come with exorbitantly priced luxury bags.

Jini strap stands on its own as the main star, yet it effortlessly complements your bag, phone, and even your outfits!

Lastly, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the customers, friends, family, and customers-turned-friends who supported Jini strap from the very beginning. Your love for the product and trust in me, even during moments of doubt, mean the world. I am here to serve you with a lifetime warranty, because you know who you are!

Bon Voyage, Jini!

❤️ Proud Mama

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